Wunderlist is my new favorite iPhone App

29 Aug

by Josie Azzam

If you are like me, you fetishize to-do lists. With the multi-project school life we all lead (or professional life we try to maintain on the side), it becomes your only way to keep edit sessions and deliveries from getting out of hand. Not to mention your personal life! I can’t tell you how many times I feel I’ve really got this multitasking thing down until I realize that I can’t go to the gym, as scheduled, because I haven’t brought anything to exercise in…but it was on the calendar, at least.

Wunderlist is a Simple, Elegant, and Free To-Do App that Synchronizes Across Your Machines”.

Before Wunderlist, I spent 3 hours at Target and still forgot to buy these items...

Lifehacker usually has some great task apps every week, all competing to become a mainstay in your life…or at least until the new task app from Apple comes out on iOS5! Can’t wait to review the new Task app when it comes out. It feels like if anyone could fix to-do lists, it’d be Apple.

I like to think "Find Freelance Designer" and "Scott's send-off" are related.

But until then! I’ve used this app for only two days and I’m completely sold. You are able to update

    • By emailing “me@wunderlist.com” a simple list, as copied from the notes application or even an email to yourself. This is a good SPO activity, or perhaps when you’re supposed to be taking notes during a production meeting that in no way involves you.
    • By using the computer application, which I’ve just downloaded and used. This is best while I’m re-color coding my google calendar leisurely in pajamas.

I think I could probably survive on these 3 things.

  • Using the application itself on your phone, probably the most obvious and easy method of entry.
What I love is that I put tasks down usually very quickly in Notes or Excel if I’m rushed. This makes it effortless to put it in a place that is universally accessable from my home computer, a borrowed computer at SPO, and my phone if it isn’t dead!

Link to Wunderlist

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2 Responses to “Wunderlist is my new favorite iPhone App”

  1. Erika September 14, 2011 at 3:33 am #

    I love this app! I would have forgotten to do so many things if I hadn’t downloaded it.

  2. Mary Chin September 21, 2011 at 9:48 am #

    this sounds amazing… i will definitely try, but how will i ever leave my post-its?? lol.

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