Got an iPad? Then you’ve got a display!

18 Sep

by Barb Steele

Got an iPad?

Well, aren’t you special!

Really, though, I’d feel totally guilty about owning this expensive toy if I hadn’t found ways to integrate it in my editing workflow. I edit on the go a lot, and while my 17” laptop is pretty spacious, all of those bins tend to clutter the screen no matter how I organize them.

Enter “Air Display”! This app runs on WiFi and turns your iPad into a second monitor. The refresh rates are surprisingly good, and while I wouldn’t recommend watching video on it, the times I’ve tried it’s run pretty well. For bins and text documents there’s almost no noticeable lag, and if you want to impress your friends, try using your iPad’s touchscreen capabilities to move stuff around. Neat!

Photo taken at the help desk in the USC Post Production Basement!

The downside is it doesn’t seem to work with all WiFi. And by all WiFi I mean it’s pretty hard to get it to connect over USC’s crappy connection. You can get around that by creating your own network on AirPort (on a Macbook) and connecting that way, but you’ll miss out on all the distractions Facebook can afford while you work. Bummer.

Air Display costs $9.99, but if you edit on the go, it’s a good investment. It works on your iPhone too, though that seems a bit less useful…

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