Caffeine for your Computer!

27 Oct

by Josie Azzam

So when I show cuts, especially rough cuts that are always over 15 minutes, there is a moment of embarrassment and frustration for everyone – when the screen saver comes on in the middle of your presentation. “Can we rewind a bit?”, the director asks, irritated.

I’ve gotten used to setting my computer to NEVER go to sleep. I know that this is going to wear down my computer over time, never shutting it off or letting it go to sleep. The screen saver comes on after 45 minutes of non-activity. I often sit and jiggle the mouse during really long presentations.

But now! A solution!

There is an App in the App Store called “Caffeine”.

In the still strange App store.

Caffeine is an unobtrusive way to solve this problem. When you click the little coffee cup located in your toolbar, it instantly fills with some steaming brew and puts your computer in get-r-done mode.

Ready to Sleep.

Ready to go!

This way, I can have settings that will not kill my computer slowly during the rest of my non-exporting, non-screening, non-burning part of my day. My computer and I become one, working when we need to and sleeping when we can.

This might not be ideal for overnight exports, since you do want to have that monitor off when you sleep. But for the other 20 hours of the day you are awake, your computer is too.

There is also, if you right click on the menu, the ability to set how long you would like the caffeine-ness to run! Say you have a 2 hour export, you can set it up for just that long to ensure a safe and easy process.

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One Response to “Caffeine for your Computer!”

  1. Erika Edgerley November 5, 2011 at 11:45 pm #

    You forgot the best part: it’s free!

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