Job Opp: Lauren White

16 Nov


My name is Lauren and I am a graduate of the Film/Video program at CalArts. I am seeking post-production help to complete my thesis film that I wrote, shot and directed last March.

The film has been on serious hiatus as I struggle with my patchy FCP skill set and little outside support upon graduating. I am looking for warm, patient individuals with some free time and comprehensive FCP skills. A sense of humor is a must (it’s a comedy GUYS)!!

The film is a 20 minute narrative that follows the lives of two sisters in the wake of many small losses. Both girls are performers in there own right, one a punk-rock feminist discovering she is actually a lesbian, the other a young improvisational dancer/weirdo. In a household free of bed times or limitation, the two girls recede endlessly into their imagination. It is a small place. It is an important place. Together and apart Beans and her sister Frances, struggle to connect in a the strange land that is their home.

This is what I am looking for:

Assistant Editor to Sync Sound

I have roughly 13 hours of sound that need to be synced, using FCP. Additionally, I would like someone who can help me organize my footage across three hard drives (ouch). This job needs to be completed by December. $10/hr. I would anticipate about 30 hrs+ of work for this position.

Post Production Supervisor

Someone who can meet with me 2-3 times a month, in two hour sessions and watch cuts, provide feedback and take notes. It is far more important that this person is diligent, responsive and interested in the subject matter/life of the film, than they are technologically savvy. Work would begin immediately, helping me outline my post-production schedule for the coming months and organize the creation of a strong team for the film. $12/hr.

*I promise this will be a healthy, happy and sane working experience. One that hopefully allows you to refine your skills as an editor, producer, or filmmaker. I look forward to hearing from you! Thank you!

To contact Lauren:


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