Free Music and Temp Video? Oh Boy!

18 Nov

by Barb Steele

So if you’ve ever needed stock footage, you’ve probably come across It’s one of my favorite editing resources, since not only does it have all sorts of interesting footage ranging from cheap to totally-out-of-my-league, but it lets you download lo-res versions to test out in your projects. This can be great if you need a few filler shots to figure out the rhythm while you wait for your director to get off of his or her butt and go shoot pickups (you know who you are!), and hey, you might actually decide to shell out $5 or $50 if that stock shot totally rocks your world.

Sites like Pond5 aren’t nearly as generous with their music and SFX though. Sure, they’re there… but you have to listen to someone whispering “Pond5” every few seconds.

That’s why Vimeo’s new Music Store is so awesome.

The songs on here range from truly awful to pretty impressive (which is probably a nicer statement than anyone’s ever made about USC’s Opus1 music library). The search engine is similar to Opus — once you click in the search box, you’ll have your pick of Genres, Tempos, Themes, Moods, and instrumentation.

How much are the songs? Free to a couple bucks, from what I’ve seen, all for the price of attribution — since this library is aimed at web video creators, all the authors ask is that they get a credit in your film. Now that’s a price I’m definitely willing to pay!

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2 Responses to “Free Music and Temp Video? Oh Boy!”

  1. Newman November 18, 2011 at 9:35 am #

    I just edited a series of videos using a bunch of Vimeo music tracks- great deal at $1.99. Didn’t find any decent free ones but didn’t have time to look for long

  2. Norman Hollyn September 17, 2012 at 11:06 pm #

    Another thing is that Pond5 gives away a free clip pretty much every week. If you keep downloading and keeping them, you can accumulate a pretty good library that MAY solve some of your needs.

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