Avid 6 – 3 months in

2 Apr

by Josie Azzam

I was that guy who uploaded to Avid 6 when everyone else said “WAIT, DON’T DO IT”.

Don’t be that guy.

Avid 6 is definitely eventually going to be a step forward. There are already a lot of little things that only an editor would know to suggest, which means that they’re listening. But, like they ALWAYS say (I am an idiot), wait until the next version to upgrade. For those of you/us with academic upgrades, this isn’t too big a deal to wait.

These are things that I have noticed while editing. I can’t speak for any bugs that exist that I have not run into or any new awesome features that just don’t come up in my workflow (3D).


 • Can’t put a folder within a folder.

You read right. It’s a bug they’re working on but, as of right now, you have to drag a folder into another folder on the FINDER level. You can’t just make a new folder and drag it into another folder. This, thankfully, doesn’t apply to bins.

 • Enter and Return are now the same key

This seems innocuous. But Return used to mean “Yes, stay in text editing mode and go to the clip below”. Enter used to mean “I am done naming this clip, thank you, and would simply like to view the following clip”. Now they both mean Return. But…

 • Esc now works as the new enter

Esc key now works as the old “enter”, allowing you to view the clip below what you’ve just named. Huh.

 • No more “superbin” as an option

Avid 6 is all about the tabs now, superbin no longer exists. Some of us used to use superbin to open a lot of bins at once, quickly, to see what all is in them. It’s not vital, since search has gotten so much better lately.

 • If original bin not open, may be “offline”

This is a major kicker to those of us who live/breath by Link to AMA volume. If if link to some clips in my “original dailies” bin, sync them, and then move the new subclips to another bin… they may become ‘offline’ if I close the original dailies bin. This means I have to matchback to the original clip half the time to figure out what Day/Reel that original was even in to open it again so it is online. Very frustrating.

 • Edit title is buggy

Edit title is now its own program, similar to marquee (but in no way resembling marquee). It likes to crash, but that isn’t so tragic since its independent now.

 • Only 16 colors now

I’m a big color user for editing complicated sequences with a lot of characters/elements. I really loved the 30+ colors available in previous version. But now, instead of the silly “rose/red/blue/cyan” options that never corresponded to that big crayon box under edit>clip color, we are limited to 16 colors.


It crashes. A lot. When I first started using it, it could barely transcode a full clip without crashing. I had to transcode my clips on another Avid and then bring them into my new Avid to edit. It’s gotten better somehow. I can’t pretend to know why.


 • Stretching Bins is awesome

You can now stretch bins on all sides! Simply put the cursor on any edge of the bin (even the top) to drag outward. No more bottom-corner-only business.

 • Link to AMA clips no longer yellow!!

This was the first thing I noticed about Avid 6 and it delighted me. Now, the clip colors are next to the clip in a bright little box. They no longer color the clip icon or, worse, the entire clip name as in the case of Linked clips. Yellow-b-gone, now they have a cool new little icon to indicate that it is a linked clip.

Also – You can change multiple colors for multiple clips in one click on the little box to the side. No longer need to go to edit>clip color to change multiple clips.

 • Titles no longer necessarily replace themselves.

When I create subtitles or anything based on a title already made, when I edit the title and even Save As , it would replace my previous title in sequence. You’d get all kinds of duplicates and wrong lower thirds on the wrong people. Now, it will load your Saved As new title in the monitor for you to put in, without automatically replacing it.

 • Volume instead “Auto Gain”. Clip gain is still there.

I always had a hard time remembering the difference between clip gain and auto gain (if there is one). Now, it is simply named “volume”. And that’s good enough for me.

 • Tabs.

I am not using tabs yet, despite having 6 for a few months. I find that the titles of my bins are usually too long to put with many others in the same bin. However, for grouping items that would otherwise be superbined (original dailies, sfx/music/bgs), I can see the benefit. Time will tell.

 • Revamped Audio Mixer.

I’m more of a rubberbanding in the timeline type of gal, but for the audio mixer users out there, it’s gotten a new look and makes it far easier to pan audio than before.

Summary:  When is the next update coming? Please? Pretty please?

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4 Responses to “Avid 6 – 3 months in”

  1. barbsteele April 4, 2012 at 4:56 am #

    Sheesh… just upgraded, and hadn’t found out about the folder-within-a-folder bug yet. All in all, 6.0.1 is less buggy than when I tried to upgrade to 6.0.0 a while back — I mean, I can actually USE it now, whereas before I’d get an audio error every time I tried to play ANYTHING.

    I did run into another bug last night though. I have an HDTV hooked up as a second monitor, and it’s worked fine. It came unhooked last night before I booted up Avid though, and there’s no way to get it working as Avid’s “full screen” monitor now. It defaults to the main computer window, and when I try to change the full screen settings, the coordinates zero out, and the full screen playback doesn’t show up ANYWHERE. And then when I try to load up the Full Screen Settings again, the dialog window shows up at the top of the screen, with only a bit of the window showing, so I can’t even move it around and reset… I had to reboot to get any full screen at all.

    Otherwise it’s been pretty stable… no crashes. So I know the second I load it up when I go home, it will crash, just to spite me 🙂

    • Patrick A. June 16, 2012 at 10:27 pm #

      Hi, as for the audio problem, it gets better if you don’t use the audio device from you unsupported Mac. You can try a m-audio external device. There’s a debug command for the console but, the sound is still buggy and out of sync.

  2. Norman Hollyn September 17, 2012 at 11:23 pm #

    Well, I guess you know the answer to “When” the next version is coming out now?

    What do you all think of 6.5?

    • Barb Steele September 17, 2012 at 11:29 pm #

      I tried to upgrade, but first my activation failed, and it was a weekend so no support available… I started it in trial mode just to try it out, but I was having endless problems with transcoding. I ended up downgrading very quickly since it was such a headache. I suspect a lot of the problems were from the project itself though, so my bad experience may have been unique. I never even got as far as editing with it!

      6.0.3 still works wonderfully though.

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