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Job Opp: Adam Dick

17 Jan

From Barb Steele:

Hi guys! A friend of mine is looking for an assistant editor. Here’s what he said:

Hey, NightLights (the film I produced) needs an assistant editor to helm the hard drives and work with is over the next year to finish the final QC issues with the film and be our go to for screeners and the like. It would be paid but at a fairly low lump sum rate. Not an everyday job but one we’d need reliably brief turnaround for any requests. The systems primarily used are Final Cut 7 and the Adobe suite.

If you’re interested you can contact him at Adam.m.dick at


Job Opp: Bonnie Chi

13 Dec
Bonnie writes:
I do not normally send out postings for no pay, but this is a good opportunity to work with a high profile person. If interested, all materials can be send to me direct. Feel free to send to editors you may know. USC only, please.
Music Video Editor for indie rock/electro pop
Need someone who cuts on FCP, with experience in music videos
Video was shot in a single location based in a snow filled forest.
No pay unfortunately. credit and experience.
Work will be for one week in December and hours can be flexible. Please submit resume and sample work (reel/website) to

Job Opp: Mariana Flores

13 Oct


Our very own Mariana has a job opportunity at the company she works for. FULL TIME EMPLOYMENT?!



Spiritclips, a Hallmark company that produces short inspirational films is looking for an editor and an assistant editor. We produce live action, documentary and animated films. The positions are full-time, Monday through Friday, 9am-7pm. If interested please email your resume to Mariana Flores at



Thanks, Mariana!





Job Opp: Caitlin Starowicz

20 May

Gotta paid job opportunity for you! The prod co where I work is looking for an assistant/associate editor to cut some shorts as well as contribute to a feature doc. The job starts out as kind of freelance, with flexible hours and dates, but will turn into full-time if everything works out. Offices are in Pasadena and they cut on FCP (7 I believe?) Lead editor is Debbie Zeitman (Dead Poet’s Society, 1492, Robocop 2) but you’d be working independently for the most part, not just assisting her.

They want to see a reel with some non-fiction work, but throw in some fiction too for good measure, ya know? Just make it schmancy.

So send your resumes and reels my way and let the games begin!


Job Opp: Meera Menon

15 May

I am currently teaching a one afternoon a week film class at Fairfax High School (it’s through the theater group Greenway Arts Alliance). I will have to scuttle off to a shoot soon, and as a result may not be able to finish the school year with these kids!

They are currently entering post on this film they have been working on all semester, and so the remaining classes that would need to be taught (Wednesday afternoons for the next month, until late June) would be giving these kids an overview of how post works, and helping them edit their film. They are working on Final Cut.

E-mail me ( if you are interested in taking over this gig for me for the next month! The pay is $30/hr (and the class is like 3 hours).

Job Opp: Paloma Martinez

31 Jan

Paloma has another job opp for Editors of USC!:

I have a paid editing job. It’s to cut a 1.5 minute promo for writer/filmmaker to promote his stuff. Production is wrapped. Looking for someone to picture/sound edit and lay on text and some VFX. Please email me if interested. I will send you the treatment and details. Looking for proposals. Budget, not marriage. 😉

Looking for someone to start soon and get something done by end of Feb.