Job Opp: Mariana Flores

13 Oct


Our very own Mariana has a job opportunity at the company she works for. FULL TIME EMPLOYMENT?!



Spiritclips, a Hallmark company that produces short inspirational films is looking for an editor and an assistant editor. We produce live action, documentary and animated films. The positions are full-time, Monday through Friday, 9am-7pm. If interested please email your resume to Mariana Flores at



Thanks, Mariana!






Job Opp: Joanna Cherensky

4 Aug

ISO Comedy Editor for web short!

I’m shooting an Olympics parody on Sunday, Aug. 12th and I need to find an editor to turn it around quickly.

It’s low low budget, so any USC discounts you can provide are welcome! : )
Also – I want to make a bunch of short comedic spots for the web, so happy to connect /w editors interested in that.

Please email /w your name, contact info and link to your work if you’re interested.

So you can see my writing style, examples of past work is below. thanks!
-Joanna, USC MFA Writing alum



Doritos spec commercial, “My Kinda Chip”
Wrote and co-produced.

“Your Monster and You: A Guide to Self Love”
Wrote 5 min short for Producers Guild Contest
(48 hour contest – Conceived, written, produced and edited in 48 hours):

If interested, email Joanna at

What makes a good editor’s reel?

3 Aug

Just got an email from Anastasia Shepherd, teaching up in San Francisco. Let’s see if we can help her!

I’m an SCA alumna teaching editing at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, and I want to show my students some killer editing reels. Anyone feel like sharing theirs with me?


Josie’s Opinion:

I create different reels for different jobs. I have a short form (i.e. sizzle/music video) reel, a comedy reel, a documentary reel and a dramatic reel.

I post my reels to vimeo because it’s easy for clients to share with other producers. I also like to put jumps to the different sections of my reel (which you can see if you go to the actual vimeo page posted below). I think this really benefits me more than the viewer because it allows them to only view the part they do like and ignore the parts they’re not as much into.

I personally don’t put slates that say what the project is that they are watching in the video – it’s listed on the vimeo page. I feel that it biases the viewer to see “Student Project” or “TRT – 05:04” before a cut when it doesn’t look like student work or doesn’t feel like 5 minutes. 🙂

I also usually repost the reel to Vimeo with the client’s/director’s name attached so they know that it has been specifically tailored to their project. I don’t know if any of this is good/bad/kosher, but I did have a producer tell me that he appreciated it.

How do you organize your reels, Editors of USC?

JOB OPP: Jessica Kaye

2 Jul


I have recently completed production on a short film called Angel. The film was shot by breakout DP Mike Gioulakis (John Dies at the End, Pearblossom Hwy) and directed by yours truly, Jessica Kaye (entering my fifth semester at USC) and we are currently looking for an editor.

This is a PAID position.

The short is a stylized psychological drama with a supernatural twist. It has luminous visuals and raw performances and we are looking for an editor who is passionate and excited about our project to help shape the story into a riveting, nuanced short film!


Three teenage girls cope with the death of a mutual friend during a game of Ouija.

For more information please email me at

Job Opp: David Freedman

18 Jun


JUST SEEN IT is the review show where a group of USC Cinematic Arts Students review the newest in theaters, on TV and Cable. We have been on the web for a year and half now and have produced 270 video reviews. Check us out at or on YouTube at JustSeenItReviews.

I am looking to add some new FCP 7 editors to my post production staff. This is a great way to get experience editing a weekly review show. This is a PAID position.

Email your resume and cover letter to David Freedman:

Job Opp: Caitlin Starowicz

20 May

Gotta paid job opportunity for you! The prod co where I work is looking for an assistant/associate editor to cut some shorts as well as contribute to a feature doc. The job starts out as kind of freelance, with flexible hours and dates, but will turn into full-time if everything works out. Offices are in Pasadena and they cut on FCP (7 I believe?) Lead editor is Debbie Zeitman (Dead Poet’s Society, 1492, Robocop 2) but you’d be working independently for the most part, not just assisting her.

They want to see a reel with some non-fiction work, but throw in some fiction too for good measure, ya know? Just make it schmancy.

So send your resumes and reels my way and let the games begin!


Job Opp: Meera Menon

15 May

I am currently teaching a one afternoon a week film class at Fairfax High School (it’s through the theater group Greenway Arts Alliance). I will have to scuttle off to a shoot soon, and as a result may not be able to finish the school year with these kids!

They are currently entering post on this film they have been working on all semester, and so the remaining classes that would need to be taught (Wednesday afternoons for the next month, until late June) would be giving these kids an overview of how post works, and helping them edit their film. They are working on Final Cut.

E-mail me ( if you are interested in taking over this gig for me for the next month! The pay is $30/hr (and the class is like 3 hours).